Bananas from Ecuador

Ecuador is a leading producer of bananas worldwide. Despite its not so big territory and population, the country produces nearly 10% of the world banana yield.

Annually Ecuador produces about 6 million tons of bananas, the main part of which quantity is exported. This brings Ecuador to the first place in the bananas export trade worldwide, since bigger producers than Ecuador in absolute quantities are countries with huge internal consumption like China and India. The country is with the biggest amount of bananas exported to the European Union.

The advantages of Ecuador for cultivation of
bananas and other exotic fruits

The climate of Ecuador is extremely suitable for cultivation of bananas and other exotic, for the western nations, fruits. The country is situated on the Equator itself, which allows the yields to be kept at a constant level throughout the whole year. Both the humidity and the possibilities for watering are optimal. It is not a coincidence that a lot of people reasonably claim, that Ecuador exports the most delicious bananas in the world.

The small distances and the good roads between the plantations and the harbors of Ecuador are another competitive advantage of the country. The time from harvesting to shipping of fruits is minimal.

Economically stable partner

In 2000, as a part of a series of reforms for improvement of its economy, Ecuador officially introduced the American dollar as its national currency. This prevents the economy from currency risk, inflation, shocks and instability, characteristic for many of the countries of Latin America and turn Ecuador into an extremely open to the world country.

The dollarised economy of Ecuador makes the trade with the country predictable and trouble-free.

Ecuador Bananas

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