What kind of fruit is the banana?

Banana is the fruit of the banana plant which, according to the classification of the phytologists, is from the group of the herbaceous plants. Because of its big size and similar to the trees look, banana plants are often called palms by people.

The banana plant reaches a height of from 2 to 8 meters and produces fruit in clusters of up to 20 single fruits.

How healthy is the banana?

The fruit of the banana, besides having a very good taste, is very healthy when consumed. The banana contains the vitamins from the vitamin B group - B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9, from which the biggest amount is of vitamin B6. Three bananas a day satisfy the needed daily amount. Bananas also contain vitamin C to not a small amount.

The consumption of bananas leads to an intake of a number of useful minerals - phosphorus, potassium, zinc, magnesium and calcium.

Where do bananas grow?

Bananas first grew on the islands of Southeast Asia. The plant likes the conditions that are characteristic for this region – bright sun, heat and sufficient humidity. Bananas grow well and are spread in the equatorial and tropical regions all over the world.

Harvesting, transport and ripening of the bananas

Bananas, like many other tropical fruits, have the ability to ripen on their own. This facilitates their being transported and allows their being harvested to be done when the fruits reach the necessary size and weight. At this stage of their growth banana fruits have accumulated in themselves all the necessary substances and the ripening continues even after their being harvested.

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