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Jeproll is a group of companies trading with bananas and other tropical and exotic fruits cultivated in Ecuador. Through its divisions, registered in Ecuador and the European Union, Jeproll Group takes care of the whole process of delivery of fruits – on the one side the harvesting and the export from one country and the import and the receiving from the buyer on the other.

Jeproll Ecuador

Our division in Ecuador - Jeproll S.A. – signs direct contracts with the producers, who possess one of the best plantations in the country for cultivation of bananas, pineapples, mango, papaya and other exotic fruits.We carry out quality control on the whole process of export and import of fruits from Ecuador. Harvesting is done at optimal ripeness of the fruits, after which, in the shortest terms possible, they are freighted and shipped. 

The company has all the required by the Ecuadorian government permits and certificates which guarantee the realization of an export for the whole world of quality fruits only.

Jeproll Europa

The import, in the European Union mainly, the rest of the countries in Europe and Russia is organized by the Spanish branch of Jeproll Group - Jeproll-Europa S.L.

Jeproll-Europa sees to the ripening off of the bananas and the other tropical fruits to the degree, desired by the buyer, in special ripening chambers. After this process we can deliver the fruits ready for being traded to the warehouse of the client or to the pointed by the client harbor.

The Tyna Latina Brand

Jeproll’s products are offered with our own Tyna Latina brand. It embodies the mood the fruits, grown under the Ecuadorian bright sun, bring.


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