Pineapple Fruit

The pineapple is extremely fresh and sweet fruit with genuine flavor. It is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals from which to the greatest amount are vitamin B1 and C. 

The pineapple plant first grew in South America and finds the environment in Ecuador natural for growing.

Harvesting, transport and ripening of the pineapples

Pineapples, just like bananas, are capable of ripening on their own after they have reached a certain size. This facilitates their transport and delivery by sea to every part of the world. After they reach their full ripeness pineapples are in an ideal for consumption state for a day or two after which they get overripe. Because of this peculiarity of the pineapple, the fruit is especially popular tinned or bottled and as juice.

With delivery within the European Union, the rest of the countries in Europe and Russia the ripening off can be controlled in specialized chambers under the surveillance of Jeproll-Europa. This gives the customer an opportunity to receive the desired quantities on the appointed dates ready for direct sale fruits.


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